The CarbonNeutral Protocol Index

5.5 Communicating 100% Renewable Electricity

This guidance aims to clarify how CarbonNeutral certification relates to claims of 100% renewable electricity.

Claims of 100% renewable electricity are not within the scope of The CarbonNeutral Protocol and CarbonNeutral certifications.

However, as set out in Technical Specification, entities can purchase and retire EACs to zero-rate their market-based Scope 2 emissions under the provisions of GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance. This approach to linking energy consumed to renewable sources may support claims of 100% renewable electricity. Clients seeking to make such claims are encouraged to consult RE100 and RECS International guidance.

We anticipate that definitions of 100% renewable electricity will be refined with time and application, and this guidance will be updated in subsequent revisions to the Protocol.

Further information can be found at:

RE100, 2020, 2020 Target Year Communications – Making Transparent Claims, link

RECS International, 2020, Maximising the reliability and impact of buying renewables: guidance for market participants, link