Why become carbon neutral?

Successful companies realise that action on climate is critical to their success. These companies reap the rewards of increased revenue, reduced costs, engaging stakeholders and reduced risks.

The benefits

By becoming carbon neutral business is closing the gap between government commitments and the 1.5 degree target, enabling you to:

Increase revenue

By differentiating yourself in the market

By providing climate leadership you encourage employees to create new products and services

Reduce cost

By changing behaviour on high emission activities like energy use and business travel

Engage stakeholders

By motivating and retaining staff

By demonstrating to investors that you are measuring, disclosing and managing climate risks

Mitigate risks

Reduce the risk of possible future regulation that taxes carbon consumption

Why CarbonNeutral® certification delivers business value

Clear and easy

The CarbonNeutral Protocol has been created by business to clearly define what carbon neutrality is for business. Find out how the Protocol defines carbon neutrality

Used by businesses throughout the world

Hundreds of businesses of all sizes, in all sectors and across the world are working with us to go carbon neutral and join the growing roster of companies benefitting from credible climate action. See examples

Delivering quality and credibility since 2002

We were the first to provide a clear set of guidelines for businesses to achieve carbon neutrality. We update the Protocol annually with input from an advisory board. Find out who we are


We back up your carbon neutrality with the publicly-available CarbonNeutral Protocol

Carbon neutrality aligns with other climate action

Internal reduction targets

Using Science-Based Targets and marginal abatement cost curves are effective ways to set an internal reduction goal

Carbon neutrality puts a price of carbon into the business to incentivise internal reductions

Emissions reporting

Becoming carbon neutral requires you to measure your carbon emissions which can also be used for CDP reporting and is recommended by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)

Financing low-carbon technologies

Companies which become carbon neutral are financing the most cost-effective solutions being developed to remove emissions from the atmosphere, including many of the solutions identified by Drawdown and Natural Climate Solutions

Business coalitions and campaigns

Becoming carbon neutral enables companies to showcase their commitment as part of broader business coalitions that are lobbying for increased targets and climate ambition, such as RE100, Step Up Declaration, We Are Still In and Climate Neutral Now