The CarbonNeutral Protocol Index

Step 3: Target

The third step is to set a credible science-aligned target to reduce the measured emissions of the subject and broader organization through the internal abatement of GHG emissions. The aim is to undertake these reductions in a way that ensures business value from clear, ambitious, and immediate action.

Overview of requirements

The organization must set a short-term science-aligned internal abatement target to ensure the subject’s emissions decrease over time. The target may be expressed as an absolute GHG emission reduction or as a decrease in GHG intensity, with absolute GHG reduction targets preferred. An example of an absolute GHG reduction target is demonstrated in Figure 2. The organization is encouraged to set a long term abatement target and net zero commitment.

For more about approaches to setting abatement targets see Guidance 3.3.

Internal abatement targets must be specified in a client’s CarbonNeutral® Certification Target and Reduce Form (see Technical Specification 3.1).

Targets may be extended to net zero (see Guidance 3.4) or to other impacts on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Figure 2: Emissions Profile for Subject of CarbonNeutral® Certification