The CarbonNeutral Protocol Index

PART 1: Measurement of the defined subject’s carbon footprint

2.1 GHG Emissions quantification requirements

This section in the Technical Specification provides requirements and guidance for the GHG emissions data required for assessments provided to support CarbonNeutral® certifications for the defined subject. A GHG Assessment for the defined subject must be undertaken and provided to the certifier. The requirements of the GHG Assessment are detailed in Table 8 and Technical Specifications 2.2. Figure 7 summarizes how emissions assessments are determined to have met the requirements of The CarbonNeutral Protocol.

Table 8: GHG Emission Quantification Requirements for Different Classes of Certifications

1 If the subject is covered by an EPD which meets the requirements specified in Guidance 2.8, it shall fulfil the GHG emission quantification requirements for
CarbonNeutral® product certification. Refer to Guidance 2.8 for further guidance on EPDs.
GHG Protocol, 2004, Setting Organizational Boundaries,
A copy of the annual declaration to be completed by the company is available by request from