The CarbonNeutral Protocol Index

Step 2: Measure

Technical Specifications

2.1 GHG Emissions quantification requirements

2.2 GHG Emissions Assessments


2.3 Quality assurance and verification

2.4 Energy use (gas and electricity)
2.4.1 Treatment of renewable electricity in Scope 2 emissions
2.4.2 Treatment of Energy Attribute Certificates (EAC) in Scope 3 emissions
2.4.3 Market-based Scope 2 reporting declaration to support CarbonNeutral® certification
2.4.4 Energy Attribute Certificate (EAC) Application Protocol for third-party assessment partners
2.4.5 How to report GHG emissions from green gas certificates

2.5 Aviation
2.5.1 Calculating the climate impact of aviation
2.5.2 Determining aviation emissions from flight distances

2.6 Materials consumption and waste
2.6.1 Treatment of recycled waste substitution within GHG assessments
2.6.2 Water consumption and waste water treatment

2.7 Carbon neutral products/services within a corporate GHG inventory

2.8 Using environmental product declarations (EPDs) for CarbonNeutral® products