How to become carbon neutral

Carbon neutrality is achieved by calculating a carbon footprint and reducing it to zero through a combination of efficiency measures in-house and supporting external emission reduction projects.

The CarbonNeutral Protocol gives businesses a rigorous and transparent framework to deliver carbon neutrality for their business, products and/or activities.

Here are the five steps that the Protocol outlines to deliver carbon neutrality and the support we offer at each stage.



We work with you to decide whether to make your whole company or a particular product/service or activity carbon neutral.

The CarbonNeutral Protocol defines what emissions are included in each option enabling you to understand the pros and cons.



We contract with independent emissions assessment providers that are experts in businesses of your type, size and location. They identify what data needs collecting, support you in collecting data from the business, and then calculate your total emissions.

The CarbonNeutral Protocol clearly identifies the data required for each type of carbon neutral certification. All our assessment partners are very familiar with the Protocol and its requirements.



You commit to becoming carbon neutral by achieving net zero emissions.



You deliver internal emissions reductions – such as energy-efficiency programmes and changes to business travel.

We work with you to identify and deliver the external emission reduction projects and renewable energy that works best for your business, and makes you carbon neutral.



We support you to deliver a clear and credible message about each stage of your climate action to your stakeholders, providing tips, tools, copy, images, a certification logo and case studies of best practice communications.