The CarbonNeutral Protocol Index

5.2 Use of the CarbonNeutral® Certification logo

Since the Protocol was first published in 2002, Climate Impact Partners has worked with clients of all sizes and across all sectors to advise and support them on best practice for communications of carbon neutrality. In addition to ensuring accuracy of claims, we encourage clients to ensure compliance with any regulations regarding marketing claims, and to make full use of The CarbonNeutral® Certification Logo Guidelines and support we provide to leverage and amplify their climate action in communications to stakeholders.

Upon award of a CarbonNeutral® certification, clients are licensed and encouraged to make use of the appropriate CarbonNeutral® logo in their communications. Examples of CarbonNeutral® logos can be seen in Figure 4.

The logo is designed to enable companies with a CarbonNeutral® certification to make a clear, transparent statement about their achievement. The accuracy and transparency of claims is important to protect and enhance the reputation of the certified business. Displaying the CarbonNeutral® certification logo clearly demonstrates that a business has set and met a target for carbon neutrality.

Logos are available for each certification type and in various languages upon request. Certification types are detailed in Table 3. Each certification logo can be translated to meet local language communication requirements. However, CarbonNeutral® cannot be translated and is only trademark protected in this format and language.

The CarbonNeutral® Certification Logo Guidelines, which are sent to a client upon successful certification, govern the application of certification logos, providing clarity on how and where logos can be used as well as the statements that a certified company can make.

Key requirements

  • To ensure no ambiguity about which organization has achieved CarbonNeutral® certification, the certification logo can only be used by the licensee in their own communications and not those of their customers
  • The logo must match the certification achieved
  • Products or packaging may only carry a logo from CarbonNeutral® product-class certifications. Certification types in the product-class are detailed in Table 3
  • As part of our quality assurance program and to ensure consistent and accurate use of CarbonNeutral® certification by all clients, all usage of the CarbonNeutral® certification logo needs to be approved by Climate Impact Partners
  • The certification logo must not be edited or copied. If the certification logo is edited or changed in any way it will be invalid
  • If a certification logo is not used in accordance with these guidelines, Climate Impact Partners has the right to withdraw the logo license and request the removal of the CarbonNeutral® logo.