The CarbonNeutral Protocol Index

Step 2: Measure

The second step is to measure the GHG emissions of the defined subject and broader organization, to provide a complete and accurate GHG inventory over a relevant timescale.

Overview of requirements

PART 1: Measurement of the defined subject’s carbon footprint

The subject’s GHG emissions must be assessed in accordance with the requirements set out for entities, products and activities in Table 8.

PART 2: Measurement of the organizational carbon footprint

In addition to the GHG Assessment of the defined subject, an organization is required to measure, estimate or evaluate its organizational GHG inventory on an annual basis.

Guidance 2 provides additional information regarding the measurement of GHG emissions. CarbonNeutral certifiers and technical partners should also pay particular attention to the contents of Technical Specification 1.2 which provides further guidance and clarification on defining the subject for certifications.

Image: Grasslands Portfolio, United States: Carbon finance helps preserve the short grass prairie of the Great Plains using grazing animals such as native bison to naturally maintain the health of the rangeland