New white paper showcases iconic consumer products using CarbonNeutral product certification

10th March 2021

In a new white paper, Natural Capital Partners shows how its CarbonNeutral product certification has provided Microsoft Xbox consoles, Lime e-scooters, Logitech gaming products, Bulldog Skincare and Yorkshire Tea with a pragmatic framework for taking action on the supply chain emissions of their products. The paper also provides insights on green consumer trends, showing how product certification demonstrates corporate climate action at the level consumers best relate to: the product.

We are in a critical decade of climate action: speed and impact are essential. Carbon neutrality needs to rapidly become the newly accepted floor for consumer products; the license to operate in a world threatened by a climate emergency. And it can no longer be targeted at a small portion of the world’s consumers who have the luxury of choosing the more expensive sustainable options – like many ethical or sustainable products in years gone by.

CarbonNeutral product certification gives companies the option to take action on all the emissions they create today. In doing so, companies also play a critical role in accelerating the transition to net-zero emissions at the global level by financing projects which reduce, avoid or remove emissions in communities around the world.

While companies grapple with the challenges of lowering the carbon footprint from the manufacture, shipping, use and disposal of their products, CarbonNeutral product certification provides a route to take immediate action across the entire value chain emissions, otherwise known as cradle-to-grave. The certification can serve as a clear marker to consumers at a time when climate is high up their agenda, but they might not understand the intricacies of carbon footprint labelling. It provides that mark at the level consumers best relate to: the product.

Our new whitepaper provides insight and support on navigating what might otherwise appear to be a fiendishly complex task of accounting for and acting on the carbon emissions of a product. It brings clarity about how to make that happen through examples of some of the world’s leading companies and most iconic products: Microsoft Xbox consoles, Lime e-scooters, Logitech gaming products, Bulldog Skincare, Yorkshire Tea and Taylors of Harrogate Coffee.

A swathe of recent research demonstrates the increasing expectations of consumers all over the world for action on climate: the People’s Climate Vote found that 64% of 1.2 million respondents across 50 countries said that climate change was an emergency; Globe Scan’s 2020 research into Healthy and Sustainable Living found that 50% want to change their lifestyle to be more environmentally friendly and want companies to make environmentally friendly products and services more affordable; and Edelman’s Trust Barometer last year found 76% rate ‘as small of a negative impact on the environment as possible’ as critical or important when deciding which brands to buy or use.

For any company that cares about its customers, now is the time to step up.

Explore how CarbonNeutral products are taking climate action now in our new white paper.
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