You commit to becoming carbon neutral by achieving net zero emissions.

Setting a target

To receive CarbonNeutral certification a business commits to net zero greenhouse gas emissions for the certification period.

Over time, as more internal reductions are achieved, the gross emissions may decrease, making it easier to get to the carbon neutral target.

Giving clarity to stakeholders

Setting a target for achieving carbon neutrality immediately enables a business to make a statement of climate action that has absolute clarity with a 100% reduction.

  • Carbon neutral companies are able to build reputation for immediate positive impact and align with the increasing calls for carbon neutrality that is required to keep global temperature rise below 2 degrees.
  • Carbon neutrality sets an immediate price on carbon internally to drive operational changes and efficiencies.
  • Carbon neutral companies create a foundation on which other targets can build, such as meeting a 100% renewable energy target.
Giving clarity to stakeholders