We work with you to decide whether to make your whole company or a particular product/service or activity CarbonNeutral.

The CarbonNeutral Protocol defines what emissions are included in each option so you understand the pros and cons.

Make your company CarbonNeutral

Company certification includes the emissions from owned or leased or directly controlled vehicles or equipment that use fossil fuels; emissions from the generation of purchased electricity, heat, and cooling; and emissions from waste and business travel.

Other entity certifications are available, such as Organisation and Data Centre.

Make your products CarbonNeutral

A product certification means when communicating to your customers you can talk about the life-cycle of the product being carbon neutral. To achieve this you will very likely need data on the materials and services that go into the product, its manufacture and its distribution to your customers when measuring emissions.

Read more about CarbonNeutral product certification in our white paper.

Make a specific business activity CarbonNeutral

Business Travel certification includes emissions arising from air, public transport, rented / leased / owned vehicles and taxis, as well as emissions from hotel accommodation due to business travel.

Event certification includes all on-site emissions and electricity, travel by organisers and contractors and waste. Participant travel emissions are also recommended.

Other activity certifications include Delivery, Cloud Services and Print.