CarbonNeutral® certifications

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Achieve CarbonNeutral® certification and you’re making a clear and credible statement about your actions to reduce your carbon emissions. 

Certification helps you stand out from your competitors, engage your staff and stakeholders, and provides a clear sign you’re leading the way on climate change. It’s backed by The CarbonNeutral Protocol, which gives the third party guarantee you need for the quality and integrity of your programme.


  • Define your subject – you can certify your whole company, a single office, a product line or activities such as business travel.
  • Measure your carbon emissions using our independent, qualified third party assessors.
  • Set a net zero carbon emissions target to provide a strong statement on carbon reduction goals.
  • Reduce your carbon emissions through a cost-effective combination of internal reductions and carbon offsets.
  • Communicate your achievement by displaying your CarbonNeutral® certification on websites, reports, letterhead, packaging and vehicles, and communicating how you achieved the target. 

Certification success stories

This is the process furniture designer and manufacturer Bretford followed. It achieved CarbonNeutral certification for the company and then went one step further by doing the same for a complete line of furniture products. 

Similarly, organic health and beauty specialist Neal's Yard Remedies has been a CarbonNeutral certified company since 2008. It uses the certification across several communications channels – including advertising, website, catalogues and shop windows.


To find out how you could benefit from CarbonNeutral certification, email us today on or call +44 (0)20 7833 6000.