Neal’s Yard Remedies

The health and beauty pioneer has been a CarbonNeutral® company for 11 years, supporting the brand’s focus on promoting ethical and environmentally-friendly products to customers in the US, the UK and around the world.

With its early understanding of the impacts of climate change and the importance of reducing its environmental impact, Neal’s Yard Remedies has used its carbon neutral programme to continually improve its operations and deliver a positive impact.

CarbonNeutral® company certification has a clear link back to our aim of being a net positive impact business. That’s what we’re in business to do, and certification makes that very clear for the case of carbon. It’s also been helpful for identifying and delivering on our targets for emissions reductions within our own operations.

Dominic Winter, Sustainability Manager at Neal’s Yard Remedies



In 2008, Neal’s Yard Remedies looked at emissions across its company operations, including its premises and business travel.



An independent third-party conducted the greenhouse gas emissions assessment. The assessment concluded that most emissions were from its manufacturing and office premises, and its employees travel to and from work. Assessments are undertaken annually as part of certification.



Neal’s Yard Remedies took the decision to go CarbonNeutral® in 2008 as the future impacts of climate change were becoming clear and the need for taking urgent action becoming more and more pressing. In particular, the company felt CarbonNeutral® certification provided an effective and rapid way to take action on the impact of the business, and provide a simple, clear statement of action.



Neal’s Yard Remedies is a CarbonNeutral® company through a combination of efficiency measures, renewable energy generation and procurement, and external emission reduction projects.

For internal reductions, the company set a Science Based Target for a 47% reduction in emissions intensity by 2025 and an 87% reduction by 2050. To date, the company has cut its emission intensity by 19%.

The company has used the emissions data captured for its CarbonNeutral® certification to set robust targets for year on year emissions reductions in different areas.

It has delivered this in part through renewable electricity installation and procurement. Neal’s Yard Remedies has 700m2 of solar panels at its eco-factory in Dorset, which generates more than 5% of its electricity. It tops this up with 100% UK-sourced renewable electricity and by choosing 100% renewable electricity and gas for its retail stores.

The company's carbon neutral goal has also been met by financing emission reduction projects that build low carbon sustainable development, such as the Makira Forest Protection Project in Madagascar.



Neal’s Yard Remedies communicates its CarbonNeutral® company status as a key pillar of the company’s work to become a regenerative and net positive impact business. Other initiatives include an emphasis working with suppliers that share its values and switching to using entirely recycled plastic bottles by 2025.

Certification is communicated on the windows and doors of its stores, on its website and through social media to enforce its sustainability credentials.

In 2018, the company celebrated 10 years of CarbonNeutral® company certification through a social media campaign.