Advisory Council

Launched in 2002, The CarbonNeutral Protocol is reviewed annually to ensure it reflects the latest developments in emissions measurement and reductions. Our Advisory Council of business, NGO and scientific experts works with us to ensure it follows industry, policy and scientific best practice.

Jonathan Ekstrom, Chair and Founder of The Biodiversity Consultancy

Jonathan founded and now chairs a consultancy bringing ecological expertise to policy and implementation work with government, finance and business.

At The Biodiversity Consultancy Jonathan has been the architect of several corporate biodiversity policies, such as Rio Tinto and the IFC Performance Standard 6 (IFC PS6). He led the successful field piloting of the IFC PS6 policy on two $20bn mining projects in Mongolia and Guinea, demonstrating that net biodiversity gain is possible for large industrial projects. Jon spent the first half of his career in African and Asian protected areas management, working with many local governments and stakeholder communities. Jonathan has a PhD in tropical ecology and a Masters in Cross-Sector Partnership.


Natasha Tuck, Director, Sustainability & ESG, VMware

Natasha has first-hand experience with the CarbonNeutral Protocol through her work leading VMware’s CarbonNeutral company certification.

Natasha has been with VMware for over 5 years throughout its journey to becoming a CarbonNeutral company. She participated in the development of its 2020 goals, which included achieving carbon neutrality and 100% renewable energy – both of which VMware achieved ahead of plan. Her current responsibilities include driving the development of its 2030 strategy and goals, executing on its environmental commitments, annual ESG reporting and supply chain sustainability.


Melanie Eddis, Partner, Environmental Resources Management (ERM)

Melanie has significant on-the-ground experience of emissions reductions projects and works at one the leading auditors of greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories and emission reduction projects.

Melanie is a partner in ERM’s climate change team with responsibility primarily for GHG reporting and compliance services. For more than 10 years she has been Head of Climate Change at ERM Certification and Verification Services (CVS), an accredited verifier of a range of GHG programs, including Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), EU Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and regional progammes in North America. Previously, Melanie worked for KPMG as leader of climate change services responsible for the greenhouse gas verification team where she developed and led numerous corporate global greenhouse gas assurance projects.


Michael Gillenwater, Executive Director and Dean, Greenhouse Gas Management Institute

Michael co-founded and leads a non-profit organisation that is building a global community of experts in carbon management.

Michael co-founded and is Executive Director and Dean of the Greenhouse Gas Management Institute, a non-profit organisation which training experts in measuring, accounting, auditing, and managing greenhouse gas emissions. Michael has worked on emissions and climate change policy since 1995, and is the lead author of several Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports. He is also co-editor in chief of the journal Carbon Management.


Iain Watt, Principal Climate Specialist, Forum for the Future

Iain has over twenty years’ experience advising and challenging business on climate change, carbon strategy, and sustainability more broadly.

Now a freelancer, Iain previously led international sustainability non-profit Forum for the Future’s work on climate. He helped its corporate partners better understand, and respond to, climate risk, a role in which he developed the Forum Climate Challenge and Climate Risk Framework. Previously, Iain worked at Ceres, a leading U.S. coalition of investment funds, environmental organisations and other public interest groups.


Dr John Murlis, Independent Environmental Consultant

John is an environmental scientist and policy consultant with over 35 years’ experience of the development of evidence-based policy in the field of environmental protection and sustainability.

John is currently an independent environmental consultant. He has a wide range of clients in national and international public bodies, industry and commerce. He has held public appointments including as Chief Scientist and Director of Strategy at the Environment Agency (England and Wales), Visiting Professor of Environmental Policy at University College London, Director of the Institute for Environmental Policy at University College London and Head of Technology Assessment in the Air Quality Division of the UK Department of the Environment.