VMware Becomes a CarbonNeutral® Company Two Years Ahead of Schedule

16th November 2018

VMware has reduced its global carbon footprint to net zero to become a certified CarbonNeutral company two years earlier than planned. As one of the largest software companies in the world, this is an outstanding achievement, setting the bar for others to follow.

Three staff from VMware on a visit to the water filtration and improved cookstoves project in Guatemala, which is one of the projects the company is financing as part of its carbon neutral program.

VMware achieved this target through a combination of energy efficiency initiatives, renewable energy solutions including Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) and financing external emission reduction projects which deliver low carbon sustainable development.

Nicola Acutt, Vice President, Sustainability Strategy, Office of the CTO, VMware commented: “I am incredibly proud that we have reached our target two years ahead of schedule. This represents both a significant step toward fulfilling our commitment to long-term sustainability and global impact, as well as our commitment to accountability and transparency in the management of our environmental footprint.”

Natural Capital Partners’ VP Western Region, Saskia Feast, commented: “We are pleased to have been working with VMware since 2017 to address its Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions with renewable energy instruments and by financing low carbon sustainable development projects. With leading international companies like VMware becoming CarbonNeutral, we get closer to carbon neutrality being the new normal, as smart companies see that it can be done and follow suit to address emissions from their own operations.”

Despite reaching this important milestone, Acutt recognizes that there is still further work to do: “We must work together to create an economy that will enable dramatic reductions in emissions and build resilience,” she said. Launched in 2016, VMware 2020 is the company’s global impact vision to serve as a force for good. Through its products, the company has helped customers avoid putting 540 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere – equivalent to powering 68 percent of U.S. households for one year(i).

As its program evolves, VMware is setting its sights on innovations that not only impact its operations, such as becoming a CarbonNeutral® company, but also have the potential to inspire innovation for others.

Read VMware’s latest blog post on the topic: Achieving Carbon Neutrality: A Major Milestone on Our Journey To Net-Positive Global Impact.

(i) Belanger, Stephen, Brad Casemore, Shannon Kalvar, Eric Sheppard. “Infrastructure Virtualization leads the way in reducing the Carbon Cost of Growth.” IDC White Paper, sponsored by VMware. August 2018 https://www.vmware.com/content/dam/digitalmarketing/vmware/en/pdf/company/vmware-infrastructure-virtualization-leads-the-way-in-reducing-the-carbon-cost-of-growth.pdf