Logitech is a Swiss-headquartered company that designs and manufactures products like wireless mice, keyboards, headsets & video hardware to bring people together through music, gaming, video and computing. All of Logitech’s gaming products are CarbonNeutral®, in addition to CarbonNeutral business travel and a CarbonNeutral manufacturing facility in China.

Our use of offsets is envisaged as a bridge, something that we can do right now while we, and the rest of the world, develop capability to drive further adoption of ecodesign, more sustainable business models and better interventions for sustainability and nature conservation.



Logitech started its carbon neutral journey by making its manufacturing facility in China a CarbonNeutral building in 2018, with the purchase of renewable electricity certificates and offsets. The company then expanded its programme to address business travel in 2019. At the end of 2019, Logitech went one step further by becoming one of the first companies in the gaming industry to make an entire portfolio of gaming products carbon neutral. This includes all of the products across its Logitech G and Astro brands are now certified CarbonNeutral and the company has committed to maintaining carbon neutral status in 2020.



The carbon footprint of Logitech’s portfolio of gaming products was estimated using a modelling tool that includes full cradle to grave analysis of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with sourcing and manufacturing, distribution, product use and end of life. Logitech has strengthened its existing life-cycle assessment (LCA) capability and built new tools for faster assessment of product designs early in the development process, so that decisions about carbon efficiency can be included.

The carbon footprint of Logitech’s manufacturing facility was estimated and included a review of utility and refrigerant consumption bills. In 2019, the company transitioned to a new travel management platform, which tracks and reports the environmental impact of corporate travel by employees..



Logitech’s CarbonNeutral products, business travel and building are a part of the company’s wider Energy & Climate Action Program and Reduce-Renew-Restore strategy. The company recently committed to support the Paris Agreement, making an ambitious 1.5°C pledge to establish science-based targets (SBT) to limit its greenhouse gas emissions. Logitech is also a signatory of the RE100 and will be 100% powered by renewable electricity by 2030.



Logitech’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint starts early in the design and innovation process, by significantly reducing product weight, the amount and type of plastics used, and optimising energy efficiency with innovations like the HERO (High Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor, the most energy-efficient wireless gaming sensor.

The company further reduces its carbon impact with packaging efficiencies by reducing the overall weight, carbon, and toxicity of materials including the elimination of PVC from all product packaging and using alternative materials to replace plastic.

For its remaining emissions, Logitech achieved carbon neutrality by purchasing verified emissions reductions from projects around the world. In partnership with Natural Capital Partners, the Logitech team has helped finance renewable energy and solar cooker projects in China and forestry protection projects in Brazil, Canada and Indonesia.



Logitech announced its carbon neutral gaming portfolio during COP25 in Madrid, alongside its SBT and RE100 commitment. The company will continue to communicate its carbon reduction and sustainability efforts to its stakeholders and be a voice for climate action within the consumer electronics industry. Its annual Sustainability Report provides a detailed account of all the company’s activities.

Logitech announced its gaming products are CarbonNeutral alongside its commitments to RE100 and a Science-Based Target.