Bulldog use natural ingredients to produce skincare, shaving and grooming personal care products for men. Bulldog launched in the UK in 2007 and is now available in over 30 countries and over 50,000 stores around the world. Bulldog’s hero product and best seller is the Original Moisturiser – a product that is now certified as CarbonNeutral® in the UK.

With the reality of global climate change becoming ever clearer, it’s vital that brands like Bulldog step up and reduce their environmental impact wherever possible. While we are extremely proud that our Original Moisturiser is now a CarbonNeutral® Product, we won’t be stopping here, this is just the beginning.

Simon Duffy, founder of Bulldog Skincare



To make the Original Moisturiser a CarbonNeutral® product, the company completely offset the carbon emissions that are produced during the production and distribution of all their Original Moisturisers in the UK. This includes the extraction and processing of materials and packaging, manufacturing and distribution of the product.



To measure the product’s emissions, Bulldog worked with an independent third-party organisation which is an expert in emissions analysis, to conduct a life-cycle assessment (LCA) of the greenhouse gas emissions within the UK. This included collecting data on the indirect emissions from the production and transport of raw materials to the manufacturing centres, and direct emissions from on-site fossil fuels, purchased electricity and transportation to distribution centres.



Bulldog has made the Original Moisturiser a CarbonNeutral® product as part of a wider commitment to continually review and minimise its impact on the environment. The company is also committed to assessing and reducing the footprint of more products in the future.



Bulldog’s Original Moisturiser is a CarbonNeutral® product. Its footprint has been reduced to zero through product innovation and the purchase of verified emission reduction credits.

Bulldog introduced sugarcane plastic packaging for the Original Moisturiser which replaced fossil-fuel based plastics and reduced the product’s emissions by 19%.

The company use a “Single-Vessel Quenching” method when creating their moisturisers and emulsions which minimises energy intensive processes such as heating and cooling water. This reduces the energy needed to create Bulldog’s Original Moisturisers by approximately 60%.

By measuring its footprint and defining goals Bulldog identified more ways to take action and reduce emissions. Bulldog is also using its influence to work with product manufacturers to measure and manage emissions.

Finally, to offset remaining emissions Bulldog has financed a rainforest conservation project located in Acre State, Brazil. Carbon finance helps grant land tenure and provide agricultural training to local people, which prevents deforestation and promotes sustainable economic livelihoods.



CarbonNeutral® certification has been a key pillar in Bulldog’s UK cross-channel advertising to reinforce the company’s commitment to minimise its environmental impact.

It stands alongside other sustainable practices the company communicates to customers. These include the introduction of sugarcane packaging, the innovative Original Bamboo Razor, and the fact that all products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans and have never used plastic microbeads, synthetic fragrances nor artificial colours.

In addition, Bulldog provides customers with a comprehensive explanation of how they can recycle various products, including links to local council recycling services.

Billboard advertising campaign for the CarbonNeutral® product