CarbonNeutral® is a global standard awarded to businesses which have reduced their greenhouse gas emissions to net zero. This is usually achieved through a combination of internal emissions reductions and the purchase of environmental instruments including renewable energy certificates and carbon credits.

CarbonNeutral® certification follows The CarbonNeutral Protocol, which was first launched in 2002 and is and revised every year in accordance with the latest scientific, environmental and business standards. The Protocol is used by hundreds of businesses around the world to ensure their carbon neutral claims are credible and robust. 

It is managed by Natural Capital Partners, which works with clients to combine business success with positive impact on the environment and society. Through collaboration with global project partners, the development of innovative solutions, and understanding the specific goals of its clients, the company delivers programmes for renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, enabling water stewardship and protecting biodiversity. Visit Natural Capital Partner’s Project Browser, to see some of the projects available.

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