The CarbonNeutral Company has verified the UPS shipment program and certified it to be CarbonNeutral®.

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UPS offers customers the ability to counter balance the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the transport of their packages through carbon offsetting. This means that for every tonne of CO2 a package produces in transportation, an equivalent amount of CO2 is saved by a verified emission reduction project somewhere else in the world. By participating in the UPS carbon neutral program, customers will be supporting emissions reduction projects that help mitigate the climate impact of shipping their parcels.

CarbonNeutral® shipment

CarbonNeutral® shipment is a proprietary trademark of The CarbonNeutral Company and is a world-leading brand mark which guarantees the quality and credibility of the UPS carbon neutral shipment program. Permission to display the CarbonNeutral® mark is given to clients when CO2 emissions have been measured and reduced to net zero through a program implemented in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol. The Protocol assures the integrity of the carbon footprint assessments, the quality of the offsets purchased and the guarantee that the program has reduced emissions to net zero. The CarbonNeutral Protocol is overseen by a board of independent advisors to The CarbonNeutral Company. By using the CarbonNeutral® shipment accreditation, UPS is sending a powerful message about its commitment to taking responsible action to reduce its climate impact.

CarbonNeutral® shipment

How the UPS carbon neutral shipment program works

Customers taking part in the UPS carbon neutral program pay a small incremental amount to offset the climate impact of the delivery of each of their packages. 

Since launching the service, UPS has purchased offsets in the following carbon reduction projects:

LaPradera Landfill Gas   La Pradera Landfill Gas

Garcia River Forestry  Garcia River Forest

Fujian Landfill Gas  Fujian Landfill Gas

Cholburi Wastewater Biogas-to-Energy  Cholburi Wastewater Biogas-to-Energy 

The CarbonNeutral Company

The CarbonNeutral Company is a world leading provider of carbon reduction solutions, with more than a decade's experience working with over 300 major businesses and thousands of small and medium sized companies around the world. Programs from The CarbonNeutral Company include measuring carbon impact, setting and delivering reduction targets and certifying the quality and integrity of the programs.

By working with The CarbonNeutral Company, UPS is building upon the progress already being made to reduce fuel use, conserve energy, recycle waste and operate responsibility. You can read more about those activities in their sustainability report at