Tompla is one of the largest envelope manufacturers in Europe, with production sites in Spain, Portugal, Poland and France, and a commercial presence through subsidiaries in eleven European countries. Tompla started working with The CarbonNeutral Company in early 2010, as part of an environmental strategy that is shaped around tools and certifications such as ISO 14001, ISO 14064/1, FSC and PEFC.


  • To market the Tompla catalogue of printed paper envelopes, with almost the entire range as CarbonNeutral® certified and to supply an increasing number of bespoke work orders as CarbonNeutral®
  • To promote the features and advantages of CarbonNeutral® certified products in the graphic arts and envelope manufacturing sector.

Program developed

  • A detailed and comprehensive CO2 emissions inventory, including the complete life cycle of Tompla products and development of a CO2 emissions report, verified to ISO 14064-1, including all company activities and instalments.
  • Creation of applications and systems which are able to calculate the concrete carbon footprint of individual products.
  • Submission of the implemented system to a regular external assessment process by an accredited entity. The annual audits achieved by Bureau Veritas provide Tompla with key performance indicators for continuous improvement.


  • Created a dedicated web page to explain the benefits of CarbonNeutral® certified products to customers.
  • Hosted a programme of thematic meetings and informative presentations involving Tompla’s customers and partners.
  • Developed bespoke projects with customers which included other suppliers of postal product-services in order to calculate the global carbon footprint of the entire postal solution which can then be compensated.


In 2010, which was the first year of the deployment of Tompla’s CarbonNeutral® strategy, the company created and offered to the market a “reference product” catalogue almost entirely carbon neutral. As a result of this, the production of 650 million of envelopes, manufactured from 2010 to 2012 (3,700 CO2tonnes approximately), has been offset though sustainable projects sourced by The Carbon Neutral Company.

Also, in 2010 Tompla started to offer “special-order products” to its customers. In 2010, 42 million CarbonNeutral® certified envelopes were sold (400 CO2 tonnes approximately) thanks to the implication of customers such as Allianz Insurance, Fenix Seguros, Novacaixagalicia, Gaes, Caja General de Ahorros de Canarias, Convergencia I Unió, etc.

A positive increasing trend took place since then, reaching a total of 200 million of CarbonNeutral® certified envelopes sold in 2011 (1,200 CO2 tonnes approximately) and 250 million in 2012 (1,200 CO2 tonnes approximately). Some Spanish customers that have purchased CarbonNeutral® certified envelopes are Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria, Indra, Banco Popular, Medina Cuadros, Cableuropa, Aqualia,Madrileña Red de Gas SAU, BancaCívica in Spain; Caixa Geral Depositos, Coface, Generali, Banco BNP Paribas, Deutsche Bank, Unicef, Barclays Bank, Volkswagen, Redcats, Xerox, and Securitas Direct. In a European context we can mention: Banque Accord, Standard Life PLC, BMW France, UPS Italia, Imprensa Nal. Moeda Portugal, Allianz, Synlab Italia SRL, Edipro France and SGR ServiziSRL.

The total amount of these CO2 emissions has been compensated through two offset projects, verified to the VCS standard. Most of VERs acquired corresponded to a Tanzania’s Uchindile-Mapanda Afforestation/Reforestation project, which allows a sustainable improvement of the local population’s life condition. The rest of VERs corresponded to a Hydraulic energy project located in India, that enables a minor dependence on fossil fuel based energy in this area.

At this moment, our complete range of standard products is CarbonNeutral®certified, as well as a growing number of special orders demanded by some of our more conscious customers. In this sense, performing the CO2 emissions compensation through Endesa® gives the whole project the legitimacy and confidence needed to become an absolute success in acceptance towards our customers. We do not view carbon neutral supply as a temporary “eco-craze”, just to attract the market’s attention. For us, it’s a valuable tool to obtain specific and measurable environmental results, in terms (CO2 emission unit’s accounts) that will soon be the common language in a consumption society, more engaged and inclined every day to integrate into their Profit & Loss accounts the environmental externalities linked to their inherent production processes. Without any doubt, this will be the trend to follow in the near future, and it’s a great satisfaction for Tompla to have been the first envelope manufacturer to initiate this development with the full collaboration of The CarbonNeutral Company and Endesa®.

Ignacio Reirís, C.E.O. of Tompla