Scandinavian Airlines

Every airline adds carbon to the atmosphere. Not every airline is so committed to offsetting it.
Carbon emissions are an inevitable result of air travel. But Scandinavian Airlines believes climate change is not. Working with Natural Capital Partners since 2006, the airline has developed an innovative programme through which corporate clients can easily offset the emissions their flights generate.

Customer loyalty has increased, and now, in addition to offering the best way to get to and from Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm, Scandinavian Airlines is also the best way to reach a sustainable future.

How Natural Capital Partners helped:

  • We developed an innovative, web-based carbon calculator to enable SAS corporate clients and individual consumers to calculate and offset their emissions for any SAS flight
  • We helped SAS to develop a service for travel managers to be able to measure and offset the carbon emissions from flights on a quarterly and annual basis
  • We offset the emissions from passenger and internal company flights through a portfolio of wind technology projects that reduce the carbon footprint to net zero

We decided to work with Natural Capital Partners over 10 other providers from across Europe because of the breadth and integrity of the business: the choice of carbon credits with strong verification process and the unique auditing of Natural Capital Partners and their business processes by PwC (no double counting, proper retiring of credits).

Martin Porsgaard, Director Environment and Sustainability, Scandinavian Airlines