Microsoft supports global carbon-finance projects with innovative carbon fee

Natural Capital Partners has worked with Microsoft since it launched its carbon fee in 2012. Over that time we have created a portfolio of more than 30 carbon-finance projects in 21 countries which, along with green power instruments and internal programmes, deliver the emission reductions to meet Microsoft’s carbon neutral target.

"Working with Natural Capital Partners has enabled us to take our carbon fee and deliver impactful climate change solutions to communities throughout the world. They have built a portfolio of projects which is tailored to our specific business interests and goals, and creates long term sustainable development  through energy access, conservation of biodiversity and improving health and well-being, along with delivering crucial emissions reductions." 

TJ Di Caprio, Senior Director of Environmental Sustainability, Microsoft


The programme has been honoured as a 2015 Lighthouse Activity by the UNFCCC's Momentum for Change programme.

We have designed Microsoft’s portfolio of external projects to meet a range of additional business objectives:

  • In countries where Microsoft has business operations
  • Aligned with the focus of its citizenship programme on empowering communities
  • Using technology to enable projects to engage with communities, measure results, and deliver impact
  • Delivering emission reductions in urban areas
  • Building energy access to under-served communities

Collectively the projects in Microsoft’s portfolio positively impact more than 6.1 million people.  Projects include:

 Meru & Nanyuki Community Reforestation

 Guatemala Water Filtration & Improved Cookstoves

 Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve

Read this blog from Microsoft to find out more about the carbon fee, which includes a link to the white paper on its progress.

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