Grundon Waste Management on the ground in Uganda

The opportunity to meet farmers in Uganda who are part of a community reforestation project gave Toni Robinson from Grundon Waste Management a new perspective on the impact, bringing to life her company’s communications with customers and prospects.

During her visit, Toni met farmers who are benefiting from the project through the creation of jobs, the empowerment of women within the community, and through education and skills development to improve farming techniques and provide new food sources and financial stability for their families.

View a video to hear about Toni's experiences at the project and how the visit has been crucial in supporting Grundon’s environmental communications and creating high-engagement levels with prospects and customers.

I've read the project sheets and seen pictures but it really isn't until you see the project that you realise how important it is and how it is really changing people's lives

Toni Robinson, Compliance Manager, Grundon Waste Management