Eden Springs

Eden Springs, the leading workplace drinks provider, has offset the emissions from providing 600 million litres of water through water cooler solutions to more than 1/2 million customers, enabling it to become a CarbonNeutral® company in seven countries.

Since 2010 we have partnered with Eden Springs to help it achieve its goal of becoming the first  envrionmentally responsible drinking solution brand in Europe.  It is now an environmental leader in the water cooler industry and has cited making its operations CarbonNeutral® as a key differentiator from its competitors.

Eden Springs 100% CarbonNeutral water cooler label

A typical glass of Eden Springs' water produced 30g of greenhouse gases during the extraction, production, distribution and consumption stages.  It may sound a small amount, but as this leading brand of drinking solutions delivers 600 million litres of water to more than half a million offices in 15 countries across Europe a year - it can't help but recognise the impact its operations have on the environment.

We worked with the company to establish and implement a carbon offset programme making its product CarbonNeutral across seven countries - the UK, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands.  In addition to the carbon offsetting, Eden has put in place several initiatives to further support its development as a ecologically friendly business.  These measures include its 'Save a Cup' campaign to promote recycling amongst office-based customers, electronic billing, the development of low energy use water coolers and the introduction of 'long life' waer cooler bottles which can be cleaned and used up to 50 times before being recycled.

Operating across mass markets means it's vital that we maintain awareness of our true environmental impact and minimise our carbon footprint wherever possible. This is something we incorporate into our wider business strategy and we're delighted to be recognised for our commitment through this accreditation. We look forward to working with The CarbonNeutral Company in the future and, as we continue to target new drinks with our total drinks portfolio, build on our sustainable success.

Raanan Zilberman, CEO of Eden Springs Group.