Commercial Group

Commercial Group cites its CarbonNeutral® status as one of the main contributing factors to its growth year-on-year. They have reduced their carbon footprint by over 50% since becoming CarbonNeutral® but the results they've seen aren't limited to the environment.

Reducing fleet emissions

Commercial has reduced fleet emissions through a Dynamic
Routing System (DRS) and sustainable biofuels.

Commercial continues to demonstrate that profitability and business growth can be achieved through environmentally sound practices.” Jonathon Porritt, Director of Forum for the Future.

Over £2m of new business was gained in the first six months of Commercial's programme and the business saves over £100,000 from its bottom line each year - ensuring that its carbon reduction programme is cost neutral, as well as carbon neutral.

Formed in 1991, the award-winning Commercial Group started as a family business but is now one of the most successful independent business services companies in the UK. Since 2007, it has sustained organic growth of over 40%, building on successful year on year company growth. Sustainability is a key differentiator for Commercial and the company links over 60% of its recent success to its leadership in sustainability and CarbonNeutral® status.

In 2006, Commercial partnered with The CarbonNeutral Company to help implement its carbon reduction programme with the objective of becoming an ambassador for action on climate change. We were asked to ensure that the greenhouse gas assessment which informed Commercial’s carbon reduction programme had both authority and credibility. We reviewed all of the emissions from its business operations including on-site energy, delivery fleet, business travel and waste; and then helped achieve the net zero emissions target by combining ambitious internal reductions with a portfolio of high-quality certified carbon offset projects.

Through transparency and commitment, Commercial has successfully demonstrated that being CarbonNeutral® is a win-win scenario for both business and the environment.

Hear Commercial Group talk about why it's important that responsible companies think about sustainability.

I realised that we had a responsibility, as a company, to do something about climate change. We recognised it was quite a commitment but it’s been the best thing we have done in the history of the business.

Simone Hindmarch-Bye, Director and Co-founder at Commercial Group