CHEP facilitates net zero emissions for customers

With a successful and established customer value proposition, CHEP’s CarbonNeutral® service goes one step further, responding to customers’ increasing focus on reducing the environmental footprint of their products; a particular priority within the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector.

Building customer value

As the leader in pallet and container pooling solutions, CHEP has over 50 years’ experience in reducing, reusing and recycling resources, making its business model inherently sustainable.

CarbonNeutral® certification enables CHEP to reduce the residual emissions associated with its customer pallet movements to net zero, delivering an immediate and cost-effective way for CHEP customers to compensate entirely for the carbon footprint of the pallets used across their supply chain.

As part of the programme, customers are able to select from a range of carbon offset projects supplied by CarbonNeutral. This variety allows customers to select projects that will align with their own corporate responsibility programmes, other supply chain initiatives or business goals.

Through the CarbonNeutral® pallet service, CHEP has facilitated the offset of 12,025 tonnes of CO2,equivalent to 9,857 acres of forest sequestering carbon each year.

"We have a strong commitment to sustainability and this project is an excellent opportunity to reach our objectives. Through this programme with CHEP, Unilever has been able to offset the annual carbon footprint of CHEP pallet movements in Spain, which amount to more than 370,000 movements on average per year..."

Josu Lesaka, Distribution Manager, Unilever Spain