The CarbonNeutral Company began working with car rental company Avis Europe in 1997, when it became the first in its sector to have a policy on tackling carbon emissions. Today it is an environmental leader, with its own operations certified CarbonNeutral® and customers able to benefit from the firm’s knowledge of green driving.

Driving environmental responsibility forward

Since the introduction of its environmental programme Avis has offset 167,810 tonnes of CO2 through The CarbonNeutral Company. It has contributed to run-of-river hydro projects in China’s Gansu province and the mountainous Hinachal Pradesh State in India, reducing the need for fossil fuels in those regions.

Avis also rolled its environmental programme out to consumers, and was the first rental provider to offer customers the option of offsetting the emissions from its car rentals. The CarbonNeutralCompany provided tips for green driving, part of www.avis-greenerworld.com, a microsite dedicated to environmental issues.

With franchisees throughout Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, Avis Europe was also keen to enable its partners to measure and manage its carbon footprint. The CarbonNeutral Company created a guide to reducing emissions which was distributed to all franchisees, and at the annual franchisee conference presented on the value of an environmental programme to their businesses.

We’ve been working with The CarbonNeutral Company for over 14 years as they continue to be the leading provider for carbon reduction solutions. Their independently audited process and unique access to global, high quality, guaranteed carbon offsets provides our business with the essential tools to continue our committed approach to reducing our impact on the environment.

Wolfgang Neumann, Group Commercial Director, Avis Europe