When it comes to carbon, neutral is more active than it sounds

1st October 2019

Saskia Feast tells Fast Company about business action on climate and how carbon neutrality is setting in chain the long-term transformation needed to address climate change.

Read the full story on Fast Company here.

Carbon neutrality is becoming a standard business practice. Microsoft is carbon-neutral, as are MetLife, Lyft, Salesforce, Google and BCG. And it’s not just for the big corporates or West Coast entrepreneurs. Startups (Diamond Foundry), small-(Burts Bees) and medium-size companies (Fetzer Vineyards) are carbon-neutral, and even countries like Costa Rica, the UK, and Finland have made bold commitments.

While big technological solutions may be on the way, we do not have time to sit and wait. As Patrick Flynn, sustainability lead at Salesforce, noted recently: “Winning slowly is the same as losing.” These carbon-neutral programs mean organizations are delivering action now. And that speed is critical.

Read the full article by Saskia Feast, VP Western Region, Natural Capital Partners, and contact us to discuss how carbon neutrality can deliver value for your business.