Webinar - Internal Engagement: Turning Words into Climate Action

26th April 2018

Watch this webinar to learn from experts in sustainability management and behaviour change how to better empower, engage and persuade internal teams to drive climate action.

This webinar focuses on practical tips on communicating internally and is directed at professionals managing climate, energy and sustainability activities in their business. You can watch it below.

Sustainability managers are busy. Not only do they have ongoing reporting deadlines and environmental targets, but they often need to convince senior management of the value of climate action within the company, all while leading an internal engagement programme.

Moderator: Rosie Helson, Marketing Manager at Natural Capital Partners


  • Saskia Feast, VP Western Region, Natural Capital Partners, presents a range of real-life internal engagement activities and solutions used effectively by companies.
  • Solitaire Townsend, Co-founder of change agency Futerra, provides best practice guidance, based on behaviour change research, for communicating to and engaging staff at all levels - from the Board to the CFO, to sales, marketing and operations.
  • Nadine Gudz, Global Director of Sustainability at carpet manufacturer Interface Inc., shares the company's experience of integrating a strong sustainability and climate strategy into the heart of the business.
  • Natasha Tuck, Senior Sustainability Manager at technology company VMware, shares the company's sustainability history and approach to getting staff involved.