Webinar - How Companies Are Building A Net Zero Economy

12th February 2019

Following round-table discussions with some of the world’s largest companies, we share the 'Imprinting Net Zero' model - seven ways that companies are building an economy with net zero carbon emissions.

Webinar - How Companies Are Building A Net Zero Economy

In this hour-long webinar we explore the different ways that businesses are driving net zero to scale, both within their own operations and across the broader economic system.

The panellists for the webinar are:

  • Jacqueline Hemery, Environmental Manager at PwC Global
  • Simon Hotchkin, Head of Sustainable Development at Bettys & Taylors Group
  • Kaitlin Crouch-Hess, Senior Consultant, Global Sustainability Programmes at ING Group
  • Peggy Brannigan, Global Program Manager – Environmental Sustainability at LinkedIn

The webinar was moderated by Jonathan Shopley from Natural Capital Partners.

The Imprinting Net Zero model was uncovered during a series of round-table discussions we organised involving some of the world’s largest companies. The discussions were a contribution to the UNFCCC's Talanoa Dialogue. Read more about our Talanoa Dialogue findings.