CarbonNeutral® products signposted on as part of Climate Pledge Friendly programme

20th April 2021

CarbonNeutral® has been selected by Amazon as a Climate Pledge Friendly trusted certification, which will help customers shop more sustainably and help preserve the natural world.

CarbonNeutral is one of the certifications selected by Amazon as part of Climate Pledge Friendly. The programme is designed to help customers discover and shop for more sustainable products by working with trusted certifiers like CarbonNeutral. While searching for products on Amazon, customers will see the Climate Pledge Friendly label on eligible products where they can also learn more about the certifications that make the product Climate Pledge Friendly. This means that CarbonNeutral product certification will be visible to customers on the retailer’s popular website and integrated into a major consumer channel.

We know that consumers want change and are increasingly willing to use their spending power to drive the transformation of how products are made, distributed and used. Through CarbonNeutral product certification, companies are demonstrating their commitment to delivering that change,” said Rebecca Fay, Chief Marketing Officer at Natural Capital Partners. “The Climate Pledge Friendly programme on enables companies to meet customers where they are - at the point of purchase - making those climate friendly purchases available to a broad set of customers.”

Cyrus Wadia, Worldwide Head of Sustainable Products at Amazon, commented: “We’re making it easy for customers around the world to take steps to reduce their impact on the environment, including swapping out everyday products for more sustainable options. When customers purchase products that carry the CarbonNeutral certification, they can feel confident they are taking steps to reduce carbon emissions and help protect the earth.”

Natural Capital Partners has worked with clients that have CarbonNeutral product certification – including HP's DesignJet printers, Logitech's gaming products and Yorkshire Tea – to get set up as part of the Climate Pledge Friendly programme.

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