Stakeholder engagement

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With our support, you can use your environmental programme to engage your stakeholders on your action and goals. Our experienced team will help you develop and use credible, compelling communications to build interest and understanding in your programme.

right message for the right channels

The right messages for the right channels

We’ll help you identify the right messages, and turn these into attention-grabbing content for the most effective channels and to develop website content, customer communications, collateral, case studies, videos, press releases, social media messaging and more.

Watch this video to see how IT services company and CDP Leader, Groupe Steria, is using its carbon management programme to successfully build internal engagement. 

Or this video to see how the global professional services consultancy, PwC, is using the UK Forest Creation programme to successfully build employee environmental awareness and add a UK-based focus to engage and motivate staff in its wider CSR initiative. Twenty-two graduates went out to woodlands in Central Scotland in October; find out what happened.

You can also draw on our insight and expertise to help your senior executives and stakeholders build their understanding of environmental policy and strategy. We can offer reports on regulation around the world, summaries of the latest IPCC reports, and tailored briefings.

unrivalled expertise and experience

Unrivalled expertise and experience

We can do this because of our in-depth involvement with industry and policymakers. We sit on the board of IETA, we’re members of CMIA and ICROA, and we partner with a number of other organisations around the world.

This is what enables us to help global clients such as Catlin engage stakeholders so effectively. For Catlin, we created a competition to give employees a rare chance to visit to a Kenyan forest conservation project that’s helping the insurance company offset its travel emissions.


“We have more than 2,000 staff globally who we want to engage with. The competition proved to be a fantastic way to build interest in our sustainability efforts.”

~ Daniela Jeck, Corporate Responsibility Officer, Catlin

In our experience, giving staff and stakeholders the opportunity to visit projects boosts internal engagement with environmental programmes. This is something we can help arrange.

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