Carbon Footprints for small businesses

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Do you want to demonstrate you care about your impact on the environment? Are you looking for an easy, fast, cost-effective solution to show your customers that you're managing and reducing your carbon emissions?

CarbonNeutral Footprint Reporter is the perfect online tool to measure your carbon emissions and become certified as CarbonNeutral®. It's an entirely self-service solution, giving you a simple and cost-effective way to develop your carbon management programme at a pace that suits you.  

Benefits to your business

  • Reduce costs by analysing your carbon footprint and spotting opportunities for efficiencies
  • Retain customers by demonstrating your commitment to managing your carbon footprint
  • Differentiate from your competitors  through a strong statement of action in carbon neutrality
  • Build your company’s reputation as a leader through  CarbonNeutral® certification.

Please click here to see what the tool looks like or sign up for a free trial

(The tool is currently set up to give accurate and up-to-date emissions information for companies based in the UK and USA.  If your company is based in a different country, please contact us to find out about our other solutions which may be suitable for you.)

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How it works

  • Sign up– online form to complete with your company name, email, and a few bits of business information.
  • Start a new footprint report; complete the sections which are relevant to your business.  There are a maximum of six sections and once you have collected all the data, it should take you approximately one hour to complete.
  • Get your footprint calculation - your footprint will be auto calculated from the data you input.
  • Understand how to reduce your footprint.
  • Demonstrate your leadership by supporting environmental projects that would not otherwise happen – you can choose to support renewable energy or forestry projects, or a combination, to offset your remaining emissions.
  • Receive CarbonNeutral® company certification and logo within 48 hours – the certification is valid for 12 months.
  • You will also receive advice and tips on how to communicate your certification.

The six data collection sections are based on the following; emissions from your stationary sources, emissions from owned or leased vehicles, emissions from purchased electricity, 3rd party transportation and distribution, waste generated, and emissions from business travel. Some sections may not be relevant to your business.

Do I receive support?

The online platform has a simple user guide if you get stuck, plus useful guides to reducing your carbon footprint. These can be simple measures such as turning off all the lights when you are not in the building or removing waste bins from individual office desks and installing recycling bins.

A guide to communicating your CarbonNeutral® achievement is also available in the tool to help you use this to grow your business. You will be able to download a logo and certificate which you can display on your website and in other communications.  The guide includes hints and tips such as how to talk about your carbon footprint on your website, and using your certification in your email signatures, company literature, and social media pages.

Is this tool appropriate for my company?

  • Each company must be located primarily in the United Kingdom or United States. 

  • An SME means an organisation that must have a turnover of £25.9 million or less ($41.4 million), a balance sheet total of £12.9 million or less ($420.6 million) and 250 employees or fewer (two of the three criteria must be met).

A 12 month annual licence fee enables you to calculate and manage your footprint over the year

  • UK: £1,020.00 including VAT
  • US: $1,400.00 including US sales tax

A typical SME services firm in the UK is likely to have a footprint of 3-6 tonnes of CO2e per employee, per year.  Pricing to become certified CarbonNeutral® by supporting environmental projects is:

  • Renewable energy: £7.00 per tonne or $12.00 per tonne
  • Forestry: £12.50 per tonne or $22.00 per tonne
  • Water stewardship: £12.50 per tonne or $22.00 per tonne

Which countries does CarbonNeutral Footprint Reporter cover?

The online tool is currently set up to give accurate and up-to-date emissions information for companies based in the UK and USA.  If your company is based in a different country, please contact us to find out about our other solutions which may be suitable for you.

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US sign up or UK sign up. Alternatively, contact us to find out more. Once you have completed your trial you have the option to sign up to the full software.