Business carbon calculators

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The CarbonNeutral Company and its partners offer a range of carbon management solutions for businesses and personal users. Our tools enable your business to benefit from a robust carbon measurement programme and to meet customer demand for action to reduce emissions.

Business carbon calculators

Become a channel partner

Licence our CarbonNeutral Footprint Reporter to enable your network of customers or suppliers to measure, reduce and offset their carbon emissions to achieve CarbonNeutral® certification.

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The CarbonNeutral Footprint Reporter offers a user-friendly, reliable and effective solution for businesses looking to reduce their impact on the environment.

Download our useful fact sheets below.

CarbonNeutral Footprint Reporter for your customers.

CarbonNeutral Footprint Reporter for your suppliers.

Benefits to becoming a channel partner

  • Build new revenue streams
  • Enhance your customer retention
  • Help your customers or suppliers identify cost savings
  • Provide opportunities to cross-sell your related environmental services
  • Increase energy efficiency within your supply chain to reduce costs
  • A ready-to-go solution with no product development costs

Using CarbonNeutral Footprint Reporter for your business

CarbonNeutral Footprint Reporter offers you a simple, cost effective and credible solution to measure, reduce and offset your carbon emissions, and achieve CarbonNeutral® certification by supporting forestry or renewable energy projects.

learn more about Footprint Reporter

CarbonNeutral Footprint Reporter provides an easy, convenient and fast solution to save your business money through energy efficiency. The tool is an effective and reliable solution backed by industry leaders Best Foot Forward and The CarbonNeutral Company.

Benefits to your business

  • Win new customers by differentiating your company through a credible environmental certification
  • Identify cost savings by improving your energy efficiency
  • Protect against the increasing cost of energy
  • Enhance your customer retention
  • Build on your company reputation


"Today an increasing number of organisations recognise the need to have a credible environmental policy, not just for themselves but also throughout their supply chains. Having a certification, from The CarbonNeutral Company, helps Jason Deign Associates give its clients the assurance that they are dealing with a marketing services supplier that adheres to the strictest environmental standards."

Jason Deign, Managing Director, Jason Deign Associates.

To take advantage of these opportunities please call us on +44 0207 833 6000 or contact us.

If you are a large business interested in calculating your own carbon footprint please visit our carbon measurement page for more information. 

Personal carbon calculator

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To measure, reduce and offset the carbon emissions of your home and personal travel, then please use the carbon calculator provided in association with our client M&S.

Marks and Spencer - Personal Carbon Calculator