Meru & Nanyuki Community Reforestation

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Project details

Integrating reforestation to sequester carbon with community development activities, the Meru and Nanyuki Community Reforestation project in Kenya, combines hundreds of individual tree planting activities and enables local communities to improve access to food and create additional sources of income beyond subsistence farming.

Based near the slopes of Mt. Kenya in the central part of the country, the project enables members, who are small hold farmers, to plant trees on their land only to the extent that they can afford to, as they still use the majority for subsistence agriculture. The farmers receive annual payments for each planted tree and additionally will, in the future, collect revenues as the trees grow and sequester carbon.

In addition to mitigating the negative impact of deforestation on greenhouse gas emissions, the project delivers additional environmental benefits which will only expand as members plant more trees and existing trees mature. These include the reduction of soil erosion, contribution to the improvement of the water catchment areas through tree planting, increased vegetation cover which minimises surface water runoff, and improves infiltration into the soil and enhanced biodiversity.

Project type
Afforestation/ Reforestation
Conservation - based forest management
The Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)
The Climate, Community and Biodiversity (CCB)
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Sustainable Impacts

Video: Commercial Director Nathan Wimble discusses his visit to the Meru and Nanyuki Community Reforestation project:


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